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Joe Pistone-AKA "Donnie Brasco"-Master Infiltrator of the Mafia

Joe Pistone, a 26 year veteran of the FBI infiltrated the NY Mafia for six years under the alias of Donnie Brasco. His intelligence gathering was hugely successful decimated La Cosa Nostra  READ MORE

Former FBI Special Agent ​​Larry Wansley- Agent Mandrake-Deep Undercover Agent 


Director of Security, American Airlines on 9/11

Current Director of Security Dallas Cowboys

Larry Wansley is one of America's most storied law enforcement professionals and one of the FBI's most skilled deep undercover agents codenamed  "Mandrake".  He has also been Whitney Houston's bodyguard; Head of Security for American Airlines on 9/11; and now head of Security for the Dallas Cowboys. His recently relaunched book FBI Undercover: The True Story of Special Agent "Mandrake"​ tells his unbelievably funny & fascinating life saga and chronicles  his undercover adventures of working his coast-to-coast scams "victimizing" hundreds of  ​investment fraudsters, truck hijackers, murderers, ​redneck southern crime bosses, kiddie porn producers, Mafia wiseguys, and more—​knowing every single day that one wrong move meant death.


Charles Brandt-Breaking the Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance Mystery


Born and raised in NY City, Charles Brandt was a homicide prosecutor & Chief Deputy Atty. General of Delaware. In private practice since 1976, Brandt was elected president of the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association. He has been named by his peers as one of the "Best Lawyers in America" and is a speaker on cross-examination & interrogation READ MORE

Mike Cutler-America´s Champion of Immigration Law Enforcement

Mike Cutler is one of America's foremost experts on immigration law enforcement at a Federal level. His  career started with the INS in 1971 and he later transitioned​ to work with the DEA yet remaining  WITH THE INS ​THROUGHOUT and eventually promoted to Senior Special Agent assigned to the Organized Crime READ MORE

Abraham Bolden-JFK Era Secret Service hero and whistleblower 

Named by John F Kennedy to the White House detail of the US Secret Service, Abe Bolden´s initial euphoria as the first Black named to the White House detail evaporated upon encountering heavy drinking, womanizing, disloyal attitudes including statements that Secret Service agents would NOT take a bullet for the president & a lack of READ MORE 

Rev. Robert Bakke-from skinny little kid to black belt, NASCAR driver & jet pilot

Amazon Best Selling author, Robert Bakke has spent his life proving the "impossible" is possible and that miracles are real. Robert´s a jet captain, black belt, a NASCAR driver ran a multi-million dollar company by age of 24. His secret? Prayer at Full Throttle!!! READ MORE

Henry Bushkin-Johnny Carson´s Right Hand Man
Author​, Attorney​ and Producer​ is best known as Johnny Carson´s confidant who four years after graduating from Law school, was hired for what ​he termed the “most rewarding and the most disappointing” relationship of his life​"​. ​Henry was , as he phrased it: "Carson’s “Swiss Army knife​-attorney, manager, agent, counselor, partner, employee, business adviser READ MORE