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 "Bill McIntosh is a legend"   Patrick Bet David

Bill McIntosh has been bringing talent to VALUETAINMENT Media for over seven years. When he began working with them their YouTube channel had approximately 700 subscribers. In 2023 it now has in excess of 4.1 MILLION. Bill brought in Michael Franzese, FBI legend Joe Pistone, DEA Agents Steve Murphy & Javier Pena (NARCOS) who helped bring down Pablo Escobar; JFK era US Secret Service legend Clint Hill, James Curtis Jenkins, Mark Cuban, Alex Jones; Sean Attwood, David Courtney, James Buster Douglas, Robert Kiyosaki, Jedediah Bila, Oliver Stone, the late F Lee Bailey, Roger Stone, Bernard Kerik,   US Secret Service Agent Abraham  Bolden & Fr. Vincent Lampert

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