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Quorum Radio's Story

I began Quorum Radio as a way to reach out to really knowledgeable people regardless of if they were famous or not. I think my role as a radio podcaster and producer is to find people with an extraordinary story waiting to be told and not to copy cat other podcasters who chase after the same famous guests du jour. The question arises-is THAT guest really going to be special to my small audience or do I embark on a search for guests who are "off the beaten track" a bit and thus sort of human discoveries who motivate my listeners to share my work and follow it with greater interest? My guests have included Dr Ernst Titovets and Buell Wesley Frazier both of whom got to know the Lee Harvey Oswald; Porter Bibb who was one of the White House's youngest correspondents and who wrote an unauthorized biography of Ted Turner, former Rolling Stones publisher and a friend with Fidel Castro. Then there was US Secret Agent Mike Howard who had a lot to say about his memories working in Texas after the Assassination of JFK and Jim Berkenstadt who wrote a book on Jimmy Nicol who was a temporary replacement of Ringo Starr of the Beatles and who vanished. Quroum Radio prefers lesser known guests and we add music in addition to increase the variety and the entertainment value of the podcast. On July 6th, 2023 I finally launched Slow Talk English-a term and broadcast  idea that I had discussed for years so as to offer a program that people in other non speaking nations where English is widely studied but listening & speaking proficiency is not very high yet there is strong interest to learn to speak English better thank to a program of this type. In any case I hope you enjoy and are enriched by  QUORUM RADIO. 

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