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James "Buster" Douglas, termed "Adversity's Adversary" by Sports Illustrated following his astonishing, against all odds, victory  against "Iron Mike" Tyson in Tokyo, Feb. 11th, 1990, James  is an easy going,  affable, genuine , world heavyweight champion from next door. He knows what it means to try, fail, win and go on to win again to triumph. He's also glad to talk about it with his friendly and humble temperament and desire to respond to questions. 


As a young boy, Douglas was bullied and his mother Lula Pearl, confronted him and helped her son overcome this challenge.  

What many dont know is that Buster Douglas, only months prior to his title fight with Mike Tyson, was abandoned by his wife; given up upon by his father, pro boxer, Billy Douglas, and written off as a mere speed bump for Mike Tyson on on his way to greater glory.  With the exception of one casino in Vegas giving Buster 42-1 odds  against beating Tyson, most bets were waged on which round Tyson would KO Douglas.  But to make circumstances even more dire for James Buster Douglas,  a close relative was gravely ill and, mere days before his flight to Japan for the event against Tyson,  Buster Douglas was stunned by the loss of his devoted mother Lula. Buster, however,  was undeterred in his resolve to fly to Tokyo to battle Tyson in the Tokyo Dome.  But the road was about to get even more arduous.  Douglas soon  faced a serious sinus infection with fever and an illness that award winning journalist Ross Greenburg witnessed and  remarked that it was   a "horrendous  head cold" as quoted in Joe Layden's The Last Great Fight.  But  once the match started, Douglas controlled the action, nearly punching Mike Tyson at will and clearly dominating throughout the bout despite an 8th round knockdown by Tyson. In the he 9th and 10th rounds,  Buster continued to strike Tyson and after a vigorous four punch combination, Tyson hit the canvas for the first time in his professional career. Even after his 10th round KO against Mike Tyson, Buster had to fight to have his victory recognized which soon happened.  

Buster enjoys working with people be they young, middle aged or older and spent much time learning the value of hard work, dealing with difficulties and learning from others. Whether it be for an endorsement campaign,  event, talk, speech, commencement, Q & A, Meet &  Greet, James Buster Douglas will deliver value.  Contact Bill McIntosh at ocasomedia@gmail.com to inquire regarding endorsements, company events, speeches, talks and commercials.