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Abraham Bolden-JFK Era Secret Service hero and whistleblower 

Named by John F Kennedy to the White House detail of the US Secret Service, Abraham Bolden´s initial euphoria as the first Black named to the Secret Service White House detail quickly cooled upon encountering chronic drinking, womanizing, disloyal attitudes including statements that Secret Service agents would NOT take a bullet for the president and a lack of adequate attention to proper planning and professionalism. After helping to frustrate an attempt on JFK´s life in Chicago and proving a skilled agent breaking up counterfeiting rings Bolden heard the shocking news of Kennedy´s assassination. When it became known that Bolden would testify to the Warren Commission to relate his experience of seeing laxity, heavy drinking and poor conduct among agents of the US Secret Service, Abe Bolden was framed on spurious counterfeiting charges that were later recanted by the witness and CONVICTED. His book The Echo From Dealey Plaza is his amazing story. 

Rev. Robert Bakke-from skinny little kid to black belt, NASCAR driver & jet pilot through Full Throttle prayer!


Amazon Best Selling author, Robert Bakke has spent his life proving the "impossible" is possible and that miracles are real. Robert is a jet captain, a black belt, a NASCAR driver and was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24. His latest book, Prayer at Full Throttle, was self-published and climbed to the top of the charts. Robert's experience and teachings will unleash the full-power of God's Word into your life, your business and into the hearts of your employees. And when he's finished, get ready for a supernatural explosion. 

Charles Brandt-Breaking the Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance Mystery
Born and raised in NY City, Charles Brandt was a homicide prosecutor and Chief Deputy Attorney General of Delaware. In private practice since 1976, Brandt was elected president of the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association. He has been named by his peers as one of the "Best Lawyers in America" and is a frequent speaker on cross-examination and interrogation techniques for reluctant witnesses. Brandt is the author of a novel based on major crimes he solved through interrogation, The Right to Remain Silent (SMP 1988). He is most famous for his extraordinary work breaking the Jimmy Hoffa Case that was solved through his diligent and thoughtful relationship building with mob assassin Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran who convinced Brandt and later the world that he was the material author behind James Hoffa´s disappearance & death. Brandt´s book I Heard You Paint Houses is soon to be made into a movie with Martin Scorcese directing.

Joe Pistone-AKA "Donnie Brasco"-Master Infiltrator of the Mafia

Joe Pistone , 26 year veteran of the FBI infiltrated the New York Mafia for six years under the alias of Donnie Brasco. It was one of the most successful anti mob operations in American history and decimated the La Cosa Nostra. The evidence collected by Pistone led to over 200 indictments and over 100 convictions of Mafia members. His story was so dramatic that Hollywood made a movie Donnie Brasco about him starring Johnny Depp and Al Pacino. 

Henry Bushkin-Johnny Carson´s Right Hand Man
Author​, Attorney​ and Producer​ is best known as Johnny Carson´s confidant who four years after graduating from Vanderbilt Law school, at 27 was hired for what ​he termed the “most rewarding and the most disappointing” relationship of his life​"​. ​Henry was , as he phrased it: "Carson’s “Swiss Army knife​-attorney, manager, agent, counselor, partner, employee, business adviser, earpiece, mouthpiece, running buddy, tennis pal, drinking and dining companion, and foil”​ ​as well as  ​"​henchman, crony​ ​and corkscrew, all in one.”​ Johnny Carson´s difficult ways, however eventually led to a breakup in their 18 year relationship and afterwards Bushkin felt liberated to move on and tell the story through his bestselling book Carson about his intense years working with America´s award winning late night legend. Salvatore "Crazy Sally" Polisi-Sinatra Club Founder-Life inside the NY Mafia