"Bill McIntosh is an incredible radio publicist that helped me promote my website, thecitizensaudit.com.  As a Citizen Journalist with no reputation behind my name, not only did Bill help me schedule dozens of interviews, he helped me gain credibility as a Journalist by connecting me with a number of influential conservative voices who confirmed the validity of my writings.  Before I started working with Bill, I was just a guy with a blog.  After just a few short weeks, I have credibility behind my name, scores of interviews under my belt, including an appearance on Info Wars, a growing professional network, and the opportunity to affect some real change in our country. 


Bill, it's been an absolute pleasure! I highly recommend Bill McIntosh and his PR firm, Ocasomedia!"


Andrew Kerr-Founder & Investigative Reporter  The Citizen´s Audit






Stewart Scott, Author Diary of a Mall Santa