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The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party...

How the Alleged Party of the Little Guy Has Been a 200 Year Parade of Crooks, Thugs, Bigots & Subversive Traitors

Who can believe the state of US national & international security today? Terrorists and violent agitators in the United States gloat about killing cops and plot mass murder. In America & in Europe these possessed feral scoundrels threaten Western Judeo-Christian civilization; the rule of law and domestic tranquility. The Mid East is in total disarray with a feckless US "leading from behind" and encourages an aggressive Russia & China to flex their muscles.  


And who, pray tell, are our leaders? The Democratic Party with President Obama at its helm absurdly blames guns for acts of slaughter carried out by muslim or racist black trigger men. The Democrat candidate for President Hillary Clinton, puts the onus on Whites blaming them for poor listening skills after the carnage. Meanwhile, A cringe worthy Attorney General Loretta Lynch unveils Compassion, Unity & Love as the most effective response to terrorism! 


Against this utterly embarrassing backdrop of Democrat "leaders", Retired NY Honor cop, Kevin "Coach" Collins, fires the opening blast against the party of Obama, Clinton and Lynch by publishing his book: The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party. Launching this title at the beginning of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Collins´ new book is a grand jury indictment against the donkey party and offers a withering subtitle: How the Alleged Party of the Little Guy Has Been a 200 Year Parade of Crooks, Thugs, Bigots & Subversive Traitors. This pocket history is poised to make shock waves nationwide and uncovers:

  • The Murky Origins of the Democrat Party

  • Treason

  • Draft Dodging,

  • Voter Fraud,

  • Demoralizing American troops,

  • Using immigrants-old Democrat party practices

  • The appalling racism and sexual improprieties of Democrat Presidents 

  • Democrat mayors-so corrupt you´ll have to hold your nose

  • Democrat spies and Soviet Communist agents 

  • Democrat Criminals 

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