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Get your Time Square ad TODAY-1/2 block from the Times Square Balldrop in NY City  
UNMUTE to listen to this FOX NEWS video.

Bill McIntosh of OcasoMedia is the Sign Papa and has incredible deals. 


Time Square area Billboard .55 CENTS/Ad!  

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Your ad with YOUR message on a THIRTY-FIVE foot long ELECTRONIC billboard  nearly TWO storeys tall in the Time Square area (on 42nd St approximately 160 yards from the famous New Years Eve ball drop) that made NATIONAL NEWS (listen to video but UNMUTE FIRST) has a cost of  only .55 CENTS/ad. This comes out to SIX ads per hour-10 seconds each- a total of ​4,320 ads/ month​.. That's ads in the super busy Times Square neighborhood 24/7

Time Square is a huge magnet for people from all over the country and is, in effect, a perfect spot for de facto NATIONAL ADVERTISING, Annually approximately 50 MILLION visitors and workers go through the Time Square area each year*. Imagine if you could have an ad on a prominent spot in the Times Square area with your message on it-a THIRTY-FIVE foot long billboard nearly TWO stories tall-a billboard that made NATIONAL NEWS in 2019. Imagine ALSO that you were told that each ad only cost .55 CENTS!!  I'm Bill McIntosh of Ocaso Media. This deal of the century concerning this amazing billboard is only $2400/month and gives you SIX ads/hour-that comes to a total over ​4,320/ month​-24/7 . That's YOUR message (10 seconds long) SIX TIMES every hour, 24/7, in one of the most visited locations in America-Time Square on 42nd Street between 8th Avenue & Broadway. With a deal this good you need to make a 12 MONTH commitment. 

Here is a national TV report involving the billboard ​and it is is raved about:


To reserve your ad campaign call me at 305-396-2806 to discuss further OR email me (if I dont answer my very busy phone) at 



* Ann Shields (November 10, 2014). "The World's 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions – No. 3: Times Square, New York City – Annual Visitors: 50,000,000". Travel+Leisure. 


Times Square offers unparrelled exposure for entrepreneurs and internet players who want to make HUGE IMPACT. So whether you want to promote a new product, exisiting one, sell a book, promote a movie, play, restaurant, special offfer, your YOUTUBE channel website or a service, our Time Square area Billboard electronic ad will get your message seen. Approximately 400,000 people go by this location near the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum (above which our billboard is located) on 42nd Street in Manhattan each week. Approximately 4 MILLION tourists pass through the Time Square district per month. Hear Charles Payne on Fox News rave about this billboard (above)  I'm Bill McIntosh of OcasoMedia-The Sign Papa. Call me at 305-396-2806 to discuss further or email me at 

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